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Llewellyn 19 augustus 2019 16:16
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Im not one to write reviews, but I would like to warn others who want buy things from Alternate to be very careful for what they are getting into. About a month ago I ordered and paid for a new PC (about 2700 euros), after weeks of delays, no communication and my constant follow ups I decided to cancel my order (as I cant wait any longer). I phoned in today to require the status of my order and they indicated “O darn, I have some bad news, we will only be able to deliver in 2 to 3 weeks” (with no explanation why). I then asked to have the order cancelled and have the prepaid money transferred back to me. They cancelled the order but blatantly refused to refund me today. Apparently it will take weeks to process (as well).

When I submitted a complaint their representatives blatantly lie. According to our correspondence a week earlier (where I had to contact them not the other way around), it was clear that all the components were in stock and just waiting for assembly. Last Friday afternoon at 16h00 when I phoned they indicated that half the components were out of stock. So how does this happen in a matter of a week? Everything is in stock and then all of a sudden its not?

Thirdly, another lie they posted. According to them I cancelled my order “right when all the components came into stock”. I cancelled the order in the same call where they indicated that half the items were out of stock and that it will take a further three weeks for the stock to come in. How on earth does stock that is supposed to come in in 3 weeks, magically arrive literally 5 mins after I cancelled the order (on a Friday at 16h08 when they also clearly indicated that you weren’t expecting any deliveries)?

This is clearly a fraudulent business and I would advise any non-Dutch national to stay away from this site, as its clear once you speak English that they discriminate even further against you.

Be careful when you want to order from Alternate!

On Friday I ordered all the components from CD ROM LAND, it arrived a day later and I paid about 200 euros cheaper there.

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