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Datum ervaring: 13 april 2018
Datum aanschaf: april 2018


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My first experience with Highflow. So i will tell full story.

I live in Germany, and for some stupid reason (i guess due to sue from Hardware Labs to caseking) this is actually impossible to find their Black Ice Nemesis Rads here, and since these rads are superior to any other manufacturer on markets i decided to go with em regardless of 0 availability in germany.

Pricing on amazon was hilarious. They asked 161 euro for GTX420 which i bought ~ 2 years ago for 135 euro. After searching for a while i discovered Higflow with great assoriment of stocked HWlabs Rads, and what even more important - reasonable pricing. Ordering for other country is always extra risk, but i decided to try anyway.

1 - Prices are reasonable and fair. 135 euro for GTX 420 its exactly what i used to pay 2 years ago and what around of manufacturer MSRP.

2 - Fast dispatching - next day from placing order. (ordered monday, recived tracking number tuesday)

3 - delivering for free from other country!!! (after ordering above 150 euro) I mean seriously, i barely can find handlers in germany who will deliver for free and Highflow did that to other country.

Today (13.04 Friday) i received my order what means delivering took only about 3 days. My last order from german shop came 1 week later.

All in all - i paid ~150 euro and got
- best radiator on market,
- 6 gaskets for 140mm fans
- painting spray (for some modding stuff)
- free delivery which took only 3 days.

And alternative here would be 161 euro for just radiator, with unknown delivery time.

Hands down 5/5. This shop now on top of my list for water cooling stuff