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mike76 6 maart 2018 22:46
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I was looking for a good graphic card for a reasonable price. According to the website it was on stock, and the price was really OK. I asked via the live chat if that was true and got an answer that no, the card was only going to arrive within 3 weeks. That was still OK for me and I paid with iDEAL. After 2 weeks I contacted the webshop again and was told that my card was going to arrive within 2 weeks (2+2=4, not 3). That was the time of Chinese New Year, so I agreed to wait a bit more. But after another week I was told that the new arrival time was still 2 weeks! That was enough for me and I requested to cancel the order. Then I was told that I had to wait 14 days (!) to get my money back. Other webshops do that within 3 business days! Next week I asked what was going on with my order, because it was still showing on the website as being processed. The answer was that the card was going to arrive the following week (although I had cancelled the order!). After 14 days had passed, I contacted the shop again. There was the usual story that the supplier of the card had a force majeure and they couldn't tell me the exact arrival time. When I mentioned that I had cancelled the order I was told that they were working on that and I would receive my money shortly. I'm pretty sure that if I contacted them again after a few days I would have received the same kind of answer! Only after I filed a claim to thuiswinkel.org they have finally transferred the money to my bank account.

These are just the facts. I strongly recommend everyone not to buy anything at whinkel.nl or at any other whinkel. Stay away at all costs! These people don't hold on to their promises. They are very quick to get your money but not that quick to deliver on what they should. I'm happy I have finally got my money back but I will never ever have any business with whinkel again!

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