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majestixblue 30 april 2010 11:24
4.5 van de 5
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Min- en pluspunten

  • een beetje luidruchtig
  • redelijk warm onderkant tijden hoog belast werk
  • Snel
  • Multitasking
  • Zeer goed HD scherm

Studio 1558 - i7 720QM - 4GB DDR3 1333 - 500GB 7200RPM - 1GB ATI 5470 - True Life HD ready 1366x768 15.6inch.

-Fast, run most task about 15% processor usage n usually stays below 30%.
-Multitasking, you can still do other task without noticeable delay while converting HD Video to HD Video with 95% processor usage on 8 threading cores
-Display is good n bright, it's very nice
-DVD drive works pretty quiet.
-Sound system is pretty good for a small notebook & audio software is also good.

-Cooling fan only idle on very low load usage n fan still goes on periodically. Any other activities, like opening program or opening website, will trigger cooling fan immediately. Processor temp is around 45C(on low speed 930Mhz) but goes easily around 50-60C on normal/turbo boost speed. I think they need a better cooling system
-Cooling fan starts more often if you put the notebook on the table. If you put on your lap in the right position, it's actually better
-on medium to high usage, it gets quite warm on the lap, especially on the middle part of the notebook, including around the touchpad. Still ok though.
-Hinge is not so solid but quite common I think. My concern is only when you close the lid/lcd, it's not quite "clap" tightly (lcd lid doesn't have lock, so it depends on the hinge mechanism)
-keyboard is pretty good, uncommonly the design of the frame surrounding the keyboard is not so good, especially under SPACE button. Because the frame is as high as the keyboard itself, it looks n feels that the keyboard is deep below the surface, n if you want to press SPACE, most likely your thumb will stuck at the frame.
-Build quality is good but can be better. LCD frame is quite weak n bend easily. Better open lcd panel with both hands on each side or at the center. The edge near wrist rest is quite rough/sharp plastic. They could've make it better n neater like other brands.
-Dell switch F1-12 to function. I find it very nice for multimedia button on F7-F12 which are rarely use but for other function on F1,F2,F5, I find it a bit inconvenience.

- battery seems good for at least 2-3hours.
-Processors run on 930Mhz(7x clock) when idle, turbo boost is on whenever needed, up to 2.2Ghz(17x) n max to 2.67Ghz(20x) and rarely to 2.8Ghz(21x). Fan starts immediately when turbo boost is on.
-Adapter stays pretty cool so far even on higher load
-It's a fast notebook, what makes it slow when loading program is only the harddisk. if you want it faster, get SSD.
-4GB mem, about 1.5GB is used already by windows on idle, in most case opening a lot of program, there are still plenty free memory.
-I haven't tried the 3D performance but I don't really use it for 3D games.

Bottom line, this is a very good and fast notebook for its price/class but IF cooling fan noise bothers your, you might want to consider other brand or use slower processor :)


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Dell Studio 1558

Dell Studio 1558

  • Intel Core i3 330M
  • 3 GB
  • 15.6 inch
  • 1366x768
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570
  • 500 GB
  • Qwerty
  • 2.52 kg
  • Windows
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