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Update: 30/01/10

Zoals beloofd de update met de review en verdere benchmarks. Ik heb nog geen tijd gehad om een volledig review te schrijven maar dat is ook niet echt nodig gezien het al beschreven staat in de review zelf. Het was leuk om deze review te schrijven, en ik houd me aanbevolen voor verbeteringen. De X25-V is uiteindelijk een zeer goede OS schrijf die eindelijk betaalbaar is. - Aeogenia

Intel X25-V 40GB Review

Manufacturer (Intel) specifications.

Product code: SSDSA2M040G2R5
Flash: 34nm NAND
Architecture: MLC
Form Factor: 2.5"
Capacity: 40GB
Interface: SATA 300
Power Consumption (Active): 150 mW
Typical Power Consumption (Idle): 75 mW
Typical Sequential Access: Read up to 170MB/s
Sequential Access: Write up to 35MB/s
Features Random: 4 KB reads up to 25 K IOPS, random 4 KB writes up to 2.5 K IOPS
Read Latency: 65 microseconds
Write Latency: 110 microseconds
MTBF: 1,200,000 hours
Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years

Test platform for review

Intel X58 platform
Chipset: ICH10
CPU: i7 920
Gigabyte EX58-UD5
RAM: OCZ 6GB DDR3 1600 7-7-7
OS: Windows XP64bit SP2
SATA standard: 2/300

Standard NTSF format, empty drive, all standard settings in benchmarks/configuration and tested right out of the box.

Specifications found by review other than the Intel specifications.

Capacity formatted NTFS: 37.2GB
Read Latency: 0.1 ms
Write Latency: 0.1 ms
Write Average: 42.3 MB/sec
Read Average: 192.9 MB/sec

HDtune 2.55

Sequential access Read Min: 184.5 MB/sec
Sequential access Read Max: 196.3 MB/sec
Sequential access Read Average: 193.2 MB/sec
Burst rate: 116.7MB/sec
Read Latency: 0.1 ms

HDtune 4.01 pro

Sequential access Read Min: 149.6 MB/sec
Sequential access Read Max: 199.6 MB/sec
Sequential access Read Average: 192.9 MB/sec
Sequential access Write Min: 13.9 MB/sec
Sequential access Write Max: 43.5 MB/sec
Sequential access Write Average: 42.3 MB/sec
Burst rate Read: 159.3 MB/sec
Burst rate Write: 107.2 MB/sec
Read Latency: 0.1 ms

HDtune 4.01 pro IOPS benchmark



Comparison with a standard 7200RPM SATA300 Hard Drive (SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 640GB HD642JJ)


HDtune 4.01 pro File benchmark


Quick bench
Read Average: 206.7 MB/sec
Read Latency: 0.1 ms
Burst rate: 261.9MB/sec

Long bench
Read Average: 205MB/sec
Read Latency: 0.1 ms
Burst rate: 285.1MB/sec

ATTO Disk benchmark

Continued AMD AM3 test platform./B]

Windows 7 Ultimate X64
Intel X25-V 40GB
Crosshair III Formula 790FX
AMD Athlon II 250 @ 3000Mhz
4GB DDR3 1333Mhz @ 7-7-7
Storage controller: Southbride SB750
Interface: SATA II/300
SATA mode: IDE

Installing Windows 7 on the SSD./B]

Installation time: 12 Min (from formatting the SSD until the ready desktop)
System restore: no
Page file: 4GB
Size disk after formatting: 37.2GB
Total size of OS: 14.1GB
Space left on SSD after installing OS only: 23.1GB
Space left on SSD after installing OS and basic programs (Firewall, Anti-virus, Browsers, all drivers and CCC): 20.2GB

PCmark vantage x64

Total points: 22896
So very close to its bigger brother the X25-M 80GB, and so the performance is almost the same. Even thou it has only half the controller, that's quite surprising.

ICH10 vs SB750/B]

I've also made a comparison with storage controllers, this the AMD SB750 found in the 790FX and 790GX motherboards. There seems to be decreased performance vs the ICH10 from Intel. But considering that this is a Intel SSD, with a Intel chip-set. The SSD may be optimised to work better with a Intel storage controller. The results are almost the same, and comparable with those with the Intel chip-set. Inter-pert these results as you like.

HDtune read:

HDtune write:

HDtune IOPS read:

HDtune IOPS write:

HDtune file benchmark:

ATTO disk benchmark:



This is my short review of the Intel X25-V 40GB. The drive itself is a 2.5inch SSD, that came in a box with a 5.25 bracket, 10 screws and a manual on CD and a little book. The instalation is very easy, just connect the device to a port and the device will auto load(Windows). The instalation of Windows 7 on the SSD, was realy easy and took no more then 12 min to complete. There was still 23.1GB space left after instalation, so plenty for essential programs and even a few games. Overall I'm very pleased with this pursage, its has made a very good performace boost, while costing only a fraction of other larger/faster SSD's. The speed is very good, boot time has decreased from 40 seconds to 14 seconds and program load times are very redused. The only thing unfactord is the low write speed, but this is only a trivial mater in case OS drive.

My conclusion:
A very good OS SSD drive for a budget friendly price, a good alternative for the X25-M 80GB. At the same time it has compairable performace, enough size for OS and programs TRIM support and it cost half the price. I would recommend this drive to anyone looking to jump on the SSD bandwagon.


1. Post first benchmarks - Done
2. Install Windows 7 for benchmarks - Done
3. Make pictures of the SSD and packaging
4. Write a review - Done
5. Tune the drive for performance

23/01/10: first benchmarks and specifications
30/01/10: final benchmarks and review

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Bronze Award Intel X25-V Postville 40GB

Intel X25-V Postville 40GB

  • 40 GB
  • Serial ATA 300
  • Multi-level cell (MLC)
  • 170 MB/s
  • 35 MB/s
  • 2.5 inch
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