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meetfranz 25 februari 2009 17:19
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To Whom It May Concern,
Recently, I spent almost eight hundred HK dollars for another new Extreme Cruzer Contour 32GB flash drive. But its overall performances is seems unreasonable slower than my Cruzer 8GB. As a layman myself, by using fewer simple examination for its MB/ps write speed between 8GB and 32GB. Final conclusion is SHOCK to me and details as listed below as for your easy references.
- 8GB - only spent "above a min." to saved a couples of 700MB of video files; calculation is 1400MB / 60sec equal 23MB means approx. 20MB/ps write speed. GOOD performances.
- 32GB - need more than "8mins." to saved a couples of 700MB of video files;calculation is 1400MB / 270sec equal 5MB means approx. 4MB/ps write speed. POOR performances. Can you imagine how long for backing-up my 10GB archives? over 1.25 hrs.
Please refer attached screen capture for details.
Furthermore, I bought it from your authority reseller at Sham Sui Po Hong kong but its performance even one time slower that I mentioned above. However, I've been told to change it directly from your distributor of Good-Century Ltd. Totally times and transportation fee I've spent for replacement of your premium product, eventually I spent double prices that I've ever bought because your product has unreliable quality check.
I'm now questioning this product quality whether achieves your statement of 18MB/ps (write speed) printed onto packing face panel. Please kindly correct me if I misunderstand your standard calculation and instruction. Unless otherwise I'm definitely feel disappointment from your super brand "SanDisk".
The following comments from my friend and he was a computer engineer.
I personally can't believe your newer product can't even come close to the specifications. the 4 to 5 times slower speed is truely unreasonable. I understand the datapath and clock line is now heavily load since the 32GB are 4 time larger than 8GB products. Did your engineers actually check the tpd and tco speed before you shipped the products or is it just some POS that was shipped to the market without probably verified. It's obviously so much slower than your older products.... I am deeply concern about the quality of your engineering.


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Sandisk Cruzer Contour 32GB

Sandisk Cruzer Contour 32GB

  • USB 2.0
  • 32 GB
  • U3 functionaliteit
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