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Het heeft niks met hardware te maken, maar is wel zo vreemd dat de redactie het plaatsen waard vond. De in de VS bekende TV-zender Disney Channel heeft in de uitzending van 5 oktober jl. van de tekenfilmserie "Proud Family" een wel heel vreemd verhaal verteld: in het verhaal is er een website a la Napster, genaamd EZ Jackster, en de hoofdrolspelers raken verslaafd aan deze site, aldus zorgend voor de teloorgang van de muziekindustrie. Hier een (engelstalige) beschrijving van een stukje uit de aflevering:

1. Girl working at her antiquated computer her dad gave her in her room.
2. Mystery guy (cool hip hop looking dude in black) shows up at her window and supplies her with an up to date computer, takes her into "the Matrix and shows her a web area called Free Jackster where she can get all the music she could ever want FOR FREE.
3. The girl asks if this is illegal and mystery guy explains it is our birthright to have free music, creativity should not have a price.
4. Girl gets addicted to collecting free music, her obsession leads to telling all her friends. Soon the site is getting millions of hits from kids to grandmothers.
5. Next scene at the The Wizard Record Label board room where "Sir Paid Alot" enters to complain his royalty check was only five cents. This alerts The Wizard (head of the label) that there is a retail problem he needs to look into.
6. Teen Girl's house is surrounded that night by police and press and she is arrested for illegal downloads, gets a warning,. The news makes it clear that millions of people can't be stopped, Parents take computer away from girl and explain why free downloads is STEALING -- kind of an abirdged explanation of how copyrights work.
7. Next scene, Asian Guy's retail record store is empty, guy is crying on the floor. Teen Girl who happens to work at the store show up to work, Asian guy fires her for supporting all the free downloads.
8. Next scene charts showing record sales are down down down to nothing because people get the music for free.
9. Mystery guy shows up at teen girl's window again to try and convince her to go back to downloading but she says NO.
10. Guy: "You still downloading?" Teen Girl: "Downloading is stealin'." Mr. Guy from Free Jackster: "I know you are afraid I am trying to show you a world without rules." Teen girl says, "No, its wrong."

Blijkbaar is de invloed van de film- en platenindustrie nu al doorgedrongen tot tekenfilmpjes, blijkens deze wel akelig moraliserende aflevering van een Disney tekenfilmserie...

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