Intels CEO Pat Gelsinger: “We zijn niet in de verdediging, maar in de aanval”

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Intel heeft gereageerd op de introductie van de nieuwe Grace CPU van Nvidia. Deze nieuwe chip zou in staat zijn om de prestaties te leveren van 300 X86-processors. De chip maakt gebruik van de Neoverse ARM-kernen van dat bedrijf. De nieuwe CPU van Nvidia zal over twee jaar voor het eerst worden toegepast in twee Amerikaanse supercomputers.

Op Yahoo Finance reageerde Pat Gelsinger, de CEO van Intel op de annoncering:

Nvidia today announced some new chips for the data center market, with a particular focus on speeding up artificial intelligence applications with standard chips known as central processing units, or CPUs. The stock market reacted quickly. What's your competitive position with them?

We announced our Ice Lake [a new microprocessor for servers] last week with an extraordinarily positive response. And in Ice Lake, we have extraordinary expansions in the A.I. capabilities. [Nvidia is] responding to us. It's not us responding to them. Clearly this idea of CPUs that are A.I.-enhanced is the domain where Intel is a dramatic leader.

We also have, with our Habana product line [a specialized A.I. chipmaker Intel bought in 2019], unquestionably laid out a very aggressive path and our cloud partnership with [hotlink]Amazon[/hotlink] is a great demonstration of that. So clearly, I'd say the idea of CPUs is Intel's provenance. We're now building A.I. into that and we expect this to be an area where we are on the offense, not the defense going forward.

Bron: Yahoo Finance

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