MSI kondigt K7T Pro2-A Socket A moederbord aan

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Ook MSI komt zeer binnenkort met een nieuwe Socket A moederbord gebaseerd op de VIA KT133 chipset op de markt. De K7T Pro2 is, zoals de naam al doet vermoeden, de opvolger van de K7T Pro, en is juist op die punten verbeterd waar de K7T Pro het moest afleggen tegen de concurrentie. Zo heeft de K7T Pro2 een Ultra ATA/100 controller en zijn er veel overklok-mogelijkheden, waaronder het wijzigen van de CPU multiplier. Al met al belooft de K7T Pro2 een zeer interessant moederbord te worden. Hieronder volgt de press-release:

MSI(tm)'s K7T Pro2-A is based on ATX form factor design, and applies
Socket A architecture, supporting AMD(tm) Duron(tm) and Athlon(tm)
processors up to 1.2GHz. The K7T Pro2-A mainboard possesses flexible
expandability with one AGP slot supporting 2X/4X AGP graphics card.
There is also one CNR and six PCI slots supporting the most versatile
expansion needs. 3 DIMM memory slots support PC133 SDRAM memory modules
up to a maximum size of 1.5GB. The specialty of the K7T Pro2-A is its
design of adjusting the processor frequency ratio in the BIOS setup,
allowing power users to optimize unlocked Athlon(tm) and Duron(tm)
MSI(tm)'s K7T Pro2-A also brings the following features:
* Fuzzy Logic(tm) 3
Fuzzy Logic(tm) 3 is an MSI(tm) own developed proprietary
software utility that automatically and intelligently adjusts processor
and system frequency. By applying Artificial intelligence, the processor
of adjusting to the optimum processor and system frequency is
accomplished automatically under Window® working environment. It is
also worth mentioning that Fuzzy Logic(tm) 3 would reboot automatically
without user's pushing RESTART button while system hang by speeding up.
* Live BIOS(tm)
A brand new MSI(tm)'s own developed intelligent tool, the Live
BIOS(tm) is constantly monitoring the BIOS releases from MSI(tm)'s web
site, and compares with the one on the motherboard. Live BIOS(tm) will
automatically download the newest BIOS version and automatically
installs after download, ensuring an error free BIOS updating process.
Live BIOS(tm) provides an automatic and user-friendly interface,
completing the process of downloading and installing new BIOS versions
under Windows® environment.
* Smart D-LED(tm)
The new value tool developed by MSI(tm), it is now in voice
mode. Besides the traditional combination of 4 LED light signals to
represent 16 different troubleshooting functions during boot up, Smart
D-LED(tm) now literally tells you the status of the boot up process, so
that you can easily find the cause of any possible failure.
* 200 MHz F.S.B. (Front Side Bus) Support
* Ultra ATA 100 Support on board
The K7T Pro2-A supports two IDE Ultra ATA 100 devices, and fully
accelerates the system data transfer speed, enhancing overall system
* STR (Suspend to RAM)
* The STR function would save system configuration data on to the
system memory when the system is set into suspend mode. The system
memory is sustained with the minimum electrical power to avoid data
loss. When the system is reset back to full operation mode, the original
configuration status is restored in just a few seconds.
* Integrated Audio Controller
* A 3D PCI bus audio controller is integrated, saving the cost of
an additional audio card. It also supports AC'97 standard.
* 4 USB Ports
The K7T Pro2-A mainboard is equipped with 4 USB ports, two in
the rear panel and two front connections, providing the widest
flexibility of connecting different peripheral devices.

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