ATI introduceert RADEON ALL-IN-WONDER in December op de Europese markt

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ATI heeft aangekondigd de ALL-IN-WONDER versie van de Radeon videokaart in December op de Europese markt te gaan introduceren. De ALL-IN-WONDER combineert een ATI Radeon chip met video-in en -uit en een TV-tuner. De reden dat ATI deze kaart pas in December op de Europese markt introduceert, is dat men lang bezig is geweest om de software volledig voor Europa te herschrijven. Zo heeft de nieuwe Radeon software perfecte ondersteuning voor o.a. het PAL video-systeem. De adviesprijs van de nieuwe kaart is EUR 399, wat neerkomt op zo'n Fl. 880,--. Hieronder volgt het persbericht:

ATI Technologies (Europe) GmbH today announced
the European version of the ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON* board. It is the newest
member of the company's award-winning ALL-IN-WONDER® series of all-in-one
TV, Video and Graphics cards. The ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON is based on ATI's
RADEON graphics processor and features 32 MB of DDR memory, providing gamers
and high end users with more than adequate memory for the latest games.

TV-ON-DEMAND(tm) for pausing live TV, time-shifting and Instant Replays
ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON is the first to bring the latest home entertainment
features to the PC including TV-ON-DEMAND(tm) Timeshifting. TV-ON-DEMAND(tm)
offers you the ability to pause live TV and create your own instant replays
- letting you watch what you want, when you want to watch it. With
TV-ON-DEMAND, you can view the show from the beginning, even after it has
started, without having to wait until the VCR has finished recording the
whole program.

The all-in-one, no-compromise solution
ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON uses only one precious expansion slot, as it replaces
the functionality of several separate cards, including a high-end graphics
and video board with DVI (Digital Video Interface), a TV tuner board, a DVD
board and a Video Output scan converter box. The ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON is a
true no-compromise solution, providing the best graphics together with the
best multimedia features.

ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON users can enjoy the latest true color multi-textured,
high polygon count games at high frame rates, switch to watching TV with
Timeshifting, edit their home videos and enhance their presentations or web
sites. ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON turns your PC into a digital Personal Video
Recorder (PVR) with features and functions no VCR can provide.

DVI support and digital audio for true 5.1 surround sound
This is the first ALL-IN-WONDER to provide digital audio during DVD playback
using the S/PDIF connection to channel the audio from the DVD disc to your
Dolby® Digital receiver for true 5.1 surround sound. Another innovation is
the support for the latest DVI compatible digital displays. The DVI-I
connector on the ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON enables the user to attach a digital
display directly or a traditional VGA type analog display via the included
DVI-I to VGA adapter. This enables the logical combination of ALL-IN-WONDER
RADEON with premium displays.

Microsoft DirectShow infrastructure
The ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON works with a collection of richly featured video
applications, all built on top of the MIcrosoft DirectShow infrastructure,
including Enhanced TV Viewing and timeshifting, Video Editing, Streaming
Internet Video, Video Conferencing and more.

"Microsoft is delighted to see ATI with the new The ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON
making full use of the DirectShow archtiecture provided in Windows ME and
Windows 2000," stated Dave Marsh, technical evangelist, TV and video,
Microsoft Corp. "Couple this with ATI's impressive MPEG acceleration,
dramatically improved video de-interlacing and the well-implemented multitap
scaling, and the PC becomes an even better solution for all aspects of
television and video entertainment."

Best video support for DVD and TV
Within the RADEON chip, the VIDEO IMMERSION* engine provides integrated iDCT
and Motion Compensation together with adaptive de-interlacing for the best
DVD, TV and video quality and the best video experience.

MULTIMEDIA CENTER 7.0 turns the PC into a digital Personal Video Recorder
ALL-IN WONDER RADEON will ship with the ATI's MULTIMEDIA CENTER 7.0, the
most comprehensive software control suite on the market. MULTIMEDIA CENTER
7.0 enables the best set of DVD, Media Playback and advanced TV Tuning
features which put control into the hands of users - the true personal
digital video recorder.

In combination with Ulead VideoStudio 4.01 video editing software, the
ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON furthermore serves as an excellent video editing
system, able to integrate live TV, recorded videotapes and still images into
professional-looking video productions.

Other features include:
* Teletext
* Visual Channel Selection and Channel Surfing
* Digital VCR
* Favorite Channel Selection
* Channel Naming
* Parental and Program Locking
* Scheduled Viewing and Recording
* Digital photography capture
* Video Desktop Functionality
* Zoom-in and panning within the zoomed video

The ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON supports Windows®98SE, Windows®ME and Windows®
2000. Bundled with the ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON retail board will be MULTIMEDIA
CENTER 7.0, Ulead VideoStudio 4.01 video editing software, Ulead Cool 3D 2.5
SE and MatchWare Mediator 5, a multimedia creation tool.

Price and Availability:
The European version of the ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 32MB DDR AGP card,
backwards compatible for AGP 2X and fully equipped for AGP 4X systems, ships
at the beginning of December, 2000. The Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price
will be 399 EUR (excl. VAT). The European PCI version will ship in February,

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