MS erkent problemen Win2k met VIA

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De heren in Redmond hebben toegeven dat er problemen zijn tussen Windows 2000 en VIA chipsets. Hier een stukje uit de knowledge base:

When you run a program that uses 3D AGP functions on a Windows 2000-based computer that contains the VIA AGP chip set, the computer may stop responding (hang).

This problem is caused by incomplete support for the VIA chip set in the Windows 2000 AGP drivers. The fix for this problem adds support for the VIA AGP chip set.

A supported fix that corrects this problem is now available from Microsoft, but it has not been fully regression tested and should be applied only to computers that are experiencing this specific problem. If you are not severely affected by this specific problem, Microsoft recommends that you wait for the next Windows 2000 service pack that contains this fix.

De fix kun je hier downloaden.

Bron: MS Knowledge Base.

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