Transcend beging met levering van PC1600 en PC2100 DDR-SDRAM modules

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Van geheugenfabrikant Transcend ontvingen wij een persbericht, waarin men aangeefdt dat er vanaf vandaag wordt begonnen met de levering van PC1600 (200 MHz = 100 MHz DDR) en P2100 (266 MHz = 133 MHz DDR) DDR-SDRAM geheugen modules. Dit gegeven brengt de introductie van DDR-SDRAM moederborden voor bijvoorbeeld AMD Athlon processor weer een stapje dichterbij. De geheugenmodules zijn uitgevoerd als DIMM modules met 184 pinnetjes. Hieronder volgt het persbericht:

Taipei, Taiwan, October 12, 2000/Various Agencies --- Transcend Information, Inc. the professional memory manufacturer is proud to announce the release of the DDR (Double Data Rate) 200/266 Synchronous Memory Module.

Eric Huang, the Memory Product Manager stated, “The DDR products launched by Transcend at this time are the DDR 200/266 series, with capacities of 128MB and 256MB; and, a form factor that is 184-pin. Compared with current SDRAM modules, the operating speed has been raised, and the working voltage reduced to 2.5 volts. The lower voltage will result in savings on power consumption.”

The bandwidth of DDR200 is double that of the PC100, with a maximum speed up to 1.6GB per second. The bandwidth of DDR266 is also double that of the PC133, and can attain a speed of 2.1GB per second. DDR is a natural evolution of SDRAM. It samples data at both the rising and falling edges of the clock. Since the sampling rate of the DDR series has been doubled from that of SDRAM, frequency is more critical than usual.

1. Specifications follow JEDEC Standard No. 21-C
2. 184 pin DIMM
3. PC200/PC266
4. 128/256MB
5. ECC/Non-ECC
6. Registered/Un-Buffered
7. CAS latency: 2, 2.5
8. Low power demand: 2.5V VDD/VDDQ


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