Pentium 4 lancering is verhuisd naar eind november

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In navolging van eerdere berichten dat de Pentium 4 gelanceerd zal worden aan het einde van oktober, is deze lancerings datum verplaatst naar eind november volgens The Register.

"The launch date has now reportedly shifted to work week 48, which would place it right at the end of November and the 850 Tehama chipset problem, which affected certain PCI graphics cards, has been identified as an ICH2 erratumnotbug which will be fixed by what Intel call a 'low-risk' stepping, named B1 Prime.

Production of the revised stepping is expected to enter production in the week commencing October 10, with samples available a week later. The stepping will not involve any mobo or BIOS changes, according to the leaked document. Customers are being advised to continue validation on the old B1 stepping until the new part is available."

Bron: The Register

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