Nieuwe supernotebook van ASUS

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ASUS introduceert de nieuwe M6000N notebook. Dit model kan voorzien worden van verschillende soorten schermen (14,1 inch, 15 inch, en 15,4 inch breedbeeld), en is gebaseerd op Intel Centrino-technologie. De M6000N is een van de meest krachtige notebooks van het moment, mede door het gebruik van een snelle ATI Radeon Mobility 9600 grafische chip met 64 MB videogeheugen.

Hieronder het complete bericht:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), a leading provider of high-performance notebook systems, today introduced the M6000N series. This newest addition of the ASUS notebook family comes equipped with flexible display options (15-4”, 15.1” or 14”), unique features and diverse input/output design, and leveraged Intel Centrino Mobile Technology to provide an ideal mobile experience for both business and leisure.

Ample Storage Space

Despite its slim design, the M6000N is surprisingly spacious inside, with ample hard-drive space for your music library, digital images database, and multimedia presentation files. It comes with a 40GB, 60GB or up to 80GB Ultra ATA/100 hard drive and a main memory of 256MB of RAM (expandable to 2GB) for power, versatility and productivity.

Video on the road

The peerless 64MB VRAM graphics chipset, ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ 9600, enables graphics-intensive applications on the go. The built-in optical drive bay, which supports DVD-RW, DVD Multi, DVD dual or Combo drives, offers excellent media flexibility.

Mobile Processing Power

The M6000N implemented Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology, which includes Intel Pentium M processor, 855PM chipset and IntelPro/Wireless 2100/2200BG* network connection system, to deliver the most advanced mobile performance. Teamed with built-in Gigabit LAN, the notebook ensures robust and high-speed connection for wired and wireless environments.
(*Available in Jan, 2004)

Stereo-Quality Audio

The convenient multimedia keys allow easy control of the multimedia player, which supports CD, MP3, DVD and VCD. The unique Audio DJ feature enables users to enjoy their favorite music without booting system. On top of that, the M6000N adopted four-way surround sound speakers for excellent home entertainment.

Diverse Input/Output Connection
IEEE 1394 (four pins) port supports high-speed data transfer with the latest digital media.
Four USB 2.0 connectors enable convenient peripheral connection.
4-in-1 card reader supporting SD, MMC, MS and MS PRO standards permits easy application expansion.
Multi-functional module bay accommodates DVD Multi, DVD Dual, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM, second hard disk or second battery.
PortBar III provides four more USB 2.0 connection, one VGA port and an EPP.ECP parallel port.

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