Nieuwe chipset voor Mobile Athlon XP van SiS

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SiS heft een nieuwe chipset voor de Mobile Athlon XP aan het publiek voorgesteld. De M741 is helemaal up to date vanwege deondesteuning van ondermeer DDR400 geheugen, daarnaast beschikt de chipset over een ingebouwde grafische chipset, die volgens de makers prima presteeert.

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Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS) today announced its latest integrated chipset for mobile platforms based on the AMD mobile Athlon™XP platform-the M741. Supporting a 333 MHz FSB and high-speed DDR400 RAM, the SiSM741 chipset is the most powerful mobile Athlon™XP chipset currently available, boasting integrated graphics and SiS’s exclusive HyperStreaming™ Technology.

When combined with the SiS162 wireless networking chipset, the M741 and 162 chipsets offer users a reliable high performance wireless networking solution for mobile platforms: SiS is in fact the only chipset company able to offer a combined wireless chipset solution for the mobile Athlon™XP platform. This combined wireless SiS solution, along with the integrated graphics in the chipset, mean that service and support issues can be dealt with much more smoothly.
Furthermore, the SiSM741 chipset incorporates SiS’s revolutionary HyperStreaming™ Technology, which provides multiple divided pipelines for data, allows data to be sent concurrently, and separates data for easier memory retrieval, resulting in a remarkable reduction in latency versus traditional chipsets.

"SiS’ integrated chipsets look toward a new era that requires hi-end performance from a mobile platform. Combined with the SiS162 mobile wireless chip, the M471 chipset gives users the most versatile and complete platform for the mobile Athlon™XP" said Michael Chen, president and CEO of SiS. "With notebook and mobile platforms leading the market nowadays, SiS is at the forefront of mobile technological evolution. With our extensive experience with integrating chipset technologies, the M471 chipset offers extremely stable and reliable performance."

SiSM741 has successfully entered the mass production stage, and notebooks adopting the SiSM741 chipset will be available in the market in Q1 2004.

SiSM741 supports the latest AMD Athlon™XP 333MHz FSB clock, proving stable high-speed computing function and multiple RAM formats which include DDR400, 333, and 266. Through SiS' Ultra-AGPIITM Technology and the outstanding graphic core, SiSM741 is able to achieve the VGA Throughput up to 3.2GB/s with DDR400, which significantly outperforms the former 2.1GB/s standard speed provided by AGP 8X. SiSM741's superb ECLK and 1920x1600 high resolution can support UXGA TFT-LCD output and perfectly perform high quality images for 3D games.

SiS963 will be coupled with SiSM741 as the South Bridge Chipset, which integrated with Serial ATA high-speed transfer interface. The SiS963 supports Dual-Channel parallel ATA, 6 built-in USB2.0 ports, full 5.1 channel surround sound, V.90 modem and Ethernet network.

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