Club3D werkt samen met S3 Graphics

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Club3D zal begin volgend jaar de eerste grafische kaarten op basis van de nieuwe S3 DeltaChrome chipsets op de markt brengen. De eerste kaarten worden in het eerste kwartaal van 2004 verwacht, en een adviesprijs hebben van € 155 voor een model met 256 MB geheugen aan boord.

Hieronder het complete bericht:

S3 Graphics a leading supplier to the 3D graphics accelerator market, today announced that Club-3D is the first PC board partner in Europe to announce graphics cards featuring S3Graphics’ DeltaChrome Hi-Def DX9 graphics processor. Club-3D is a leading graphics board vendor, with a growing presence throughout Europe in both high street and online retailers.

“We are very pleased with Club-3D’s selection of our DeltaChrome graphics processor,” said Nadeem Mohammad, Product Marketing Manager, S3Graphics, Inc. “Club-3D has a great reputation for delivering the latest and most innovative technologies, and DeltaChrome’s unique feature set, including DX9+ Hi-Def rendering, the Chromotion video engine and DuoRotate, will help establish Club-3D as the premier vendor of choice for PC graphics.”

Club-3D, the retail brand of Power Color BV, will be the first graphics board vendor to bring DeltaChrome products to the European marketplace. Club-3D’s distinctive black packaging with the 3-leaf clover symbol will be complemented with chrome to identify its range of DeltaChrome products; they will be seen on the shelves of leading European electronic retailers in early 2004.

“With its DirectX9+, eight pixel shaders and four vertex shaders, DeltaChrome delivers solid game performance, but when you add in all its ‘beyond-3D’ features, it becomes one of the best graphics solutions in its class – that’s why we are so excited to bring this graphics solution to our customers,” said Marco Wellermann, Marketing Manager, Club-3D, the Power Color Company.

Club-3D’s first DeltaChrome board will feature 256MB video memory, DirectX 9.0 games support with hardware pixel shaders ver2.0+ and hardware vertex shaders ver2.0+, native Hi-Def HDTV for superlative image quality, the Chromotion programmable video engine for greater video utility, 2D-XP for no-compromise acceleration for Windows XP best appearance modes, DVI, CRT, and DuoRotate that enables the concurrent support of dual portrait and landscape displays.

Club-3D DeltaChrome S3 Card Pricing and Availability
The DeltaChrome based Club-3D add-in graphics card will be available online in leading electronic retailers in Europe in early Q1 of 2004 for an estimated retail price of EUR155 for the 256MB model. For further availability details, please visit the ‘Where to Buy’ section of the Club-3D website at:

For further information on the DeltaChrome graphics and display core, please visit the S3 Graphics website at:

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