Nieuwe Pentium III Coppermine CPU's op 750 MHz en 800 MHz

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Intel heeft vandaag twee nieuwe Pentium III Coppermine CPU's uitgebracht op 750(/100) MHz, 800 (/100) MHz en 800 (/133) MHz. Hier volgt de volledige press release:

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 20, 1999 -- Intel Corporation today ntroduced Pentium® III processors at 800 MHz and 750 MHz, stablishing Intel's highest levels of performance for the desktop.

"Intel's Pentium III processor is the fastest microprocessor in the desktop PC market segment," said Paul Otellini, executive vice president and general manager of the Intel Architecture Business Group. "We are committed to delivering the highest performance processors and platform solutions to our customers."

Like all Pentium III processors based on Intel's advanced 0.18-micron process technology, these new processors feature Advanced Transfer Cache and Advanced System Buffering. These technologies boost performance by placing a full-speed level two cache memory directly on the processor die and increasing the width of the data pathway to the processor.

Intel's latest Pentium III processors are ideal for enthusiasts who want state-of-the-art performance and features for the Internet, as well as advanced applications such as video editing, digital imaging, and 3-D gaming. Computers based on these processors, combined with advanced 3-D graphics solutions, bring a superior experience to today's advanced first person and simulation games.

Higher Performance
Intel's 0.18 micron-based Pentium III processors feature the Advanced Transfer Cache and Advanced System Buffering to deliver higher Performance than earlier versions based on 0.25-micron technology even at the same clock frequencies.

The Advanced Transfer Cache includes 256 Kbytes of on-die level two cache running at full processor speed and connected to the processor via a new, 256-bit wide data path. Advanced System Buffering technology increases the number of "buffers" between the processor and its system bus to further speed the flow of information for higher overall system performance.

As a result of higher clock speed and these advanced features, the Pentium III processor 800 MHz achieves a SPECint95* benchmark rating of 38.4 and a SPECfp95* result of 28.9.

Intel's 0.18-Micron Process Technology
Intel began shipping processors based on 0.18-micron process technology in mid-1999 and is currently shipping high-volume production based on this technology from four factories around the world, with Fab 11 in New Mexico coming on-line with the process in the first quarter of 2000. Intel's 0.18-micron process technology features structures smaller than 1/500th the thickness of a human hair.

Pricing and Availability
The Pentium III processor 800 MHz in SECC2 packaging is priced at $851 in 1,000-unit quantities; the 750 MHz version is priced at $803. Both speeds are available now with volume ramping in Q1.

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