MSI introduceert 'Live BIOS'

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MSI heeft vandaag officieel hun nieuwe 'Live BIOS' techniek geintroduceerd. Moederborden die dit ondersteunen, zijn vergezeld van extra software die altijd op de MSI website kijkt of er een nieuwe BIOS verkrijgbaar is. Zo ja wordt deze automatisch gedownload en geinstalleerd. Hieronder volgt het persbericht:

MSI(tm) has launched its new automatic BIOS update tool - the Live BIOS(tm). It has revolutionized the BIOS update process and technique! The market is responding with strong feedback, and good comments abound! If you want to explore the Live BIOS(tm) utility, just get and own a MSI K7T Pro, MSI 815 Pro or MSI 815E Pro.

The Live BIOS(tm) automatic update tool can automatically monitor the version of the BIOS resident on the system based on MSI mainboard, and compares with the most recent version on the web site. If different, the utility will automatically download the most recent version and automatically updates the downloaded version. The Live BIOS(tm) utility can effectively bypass all tedious processes. The utility tool also comes in an "automatic" and "user friendly" interface. Under simplified mode, with only one keystroke, the BIOS can be fully and automatically updated under Windows® environment. Users can now update the BIOS easily without making mistakes that could ruin the motherboard.

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