Soyo kondigt Socket A moederbord aan: SY-K7VTA

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Vandaag ontvingen we de press-release waarin Soyo haar nieuwe Socket A moederbord aankondigde. Hier volgt het hele verhaal:

ZOETERMEER, July 2000 – SOYO has just launched its first motherboard for the Socket A platform supporting all the new generation AMD Duron and Athlon „Thunderbird“ Prosessors.
The SY-K7VTA is based on the VT8363 Northbridge + VT82C686A Southbridge 2-Chip Set and comes in the ATX Form Factor. All the latest features are supported, including PC133 SDRAM; ATA 66 and AGP 4X! Optinally the SY-K7VTA can be delivered with the VIA VT82C686B Southbridge with support for ATA100.

CPU Support
The SY-K7VTA offers full support for the new generation of AMD Duron prosessors up to 700+MHz as well as for the new Athlon Socket A CPUs right up to 1GHz.

Expansion Slots
On-board expansion is provided by 1 Universal AGP Slot ( supporting 4X / 2X / 1X Mode); 1 AMR connector; 5 PCI ( V 2.2 Compliant ) plus 1 ISA Slot ( Shared ).
3 DIMM Sockets support up to 1.5 GB PC 133 SDRAM. The VIA KT133 supports ECC capabilty.
Two ATA 66/33 E-IDE ports on two independent support a maximum of four E-IDE devices up to PIO Mode 4.
The double stack Back Panel provides a PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard connector as well as two USB ports.
VIA‘s VT82C686A Southbridge has an integrated Super I/O Controller for one FDD Port; one Parallel Printer Port, plus two Serial Ports and an IrDA Port.

On- Board AUDIO Subsystem
The SY-K7VTA has AC97 Codec on-board to provide Software Audio Solution including
1 LINE-in; 1 LINE-out and 1MIC port as well as one Game Port on the back panel. This Audio option can be disabled directly from the BIOS if so desired.

All new SOYO motherboards are equipped with the innovative SOYO Active Interception (AI) -BIOS.
When flashing a BIOS the data are checked on four different points. If the information in the codes provided does not match with the actual information in the BIOS, overwriting will not proceed, thus protecting your system beforehand rather than having to resort to remedial measures.

PC Health Monitoring
Enhanced on-board monitoring systems built into the Chipset allow the system to provide a “health“ report of a number of main board functions, plus system and environmental status such as temperature and voltage of critical components using on-board sensors. Diagnostics help the user to ensure the optimal operation of the system and to gain fast recovery in the event of a problem.

Other Features
Other motherboard features include Wake On LAN for easy Network Management as well as Suspend to RAM and Suspend to Disk.

All SOYO motherboards include a free software package by Symantec, consisting of the FULL versions of NORTON Anti Virus; NORTON Virtual Drive and NORTON Ghost, worth over US$150.

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