Intel erkent problemen met de 820 chipset in combinatie met DIMM geheugen

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Intel heeft officieel erkent dat er grote stabiliteitsproblemen kunnen ontstaan op moederborden met 820 chipset en DIMM geheugen. Dit alles is te wijten aan fouten in de MTH (Memory Translator Hub), de chip dit de RIMM-geheugen aansturing moet omrekenen naar een DIMM-geheugen aansturing. Dit problaam gaat alle 820 moederborden met DIMM-geheugen aan. Eerder ontdekten wij ook al dergelijke problemen, o.a. bij het ASUS P3C2000 moederbord.

Onderstaande tekst geeft een goede omschrijving van de problemen:

This is very important announcement from Intel. We have been informed by Intel formally about the failure on 820 + DIMM solution:

1. If 820 + DIMM is being used, the user may experience intermittent system
reboot during full operation. Intel has acknowledged the trouble & the
failure can not be fixed in any approach.

2. Intel will have formal press release to explain the details in public
within 24hr. In the mean time, this information is still under NDA.

3. 820+DIMM solution will be removed from Intel roadmap & Intel has stopped
shipping 820+MTH chipset.

4. 820+RIMM is still workable & the only solution for 820
chipset which is supported by Intel.

5. The above issue applies to all of the 820+DIMM motherboard, including Asus, Gigabyte, .....

De officiële Intel press-release is als volgt:

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - May 10, 2000 - Intel Corporation today announced that it would replace motherboards that have a defective memory translator hub (MTH) component that translates signals from SDRAM memory to the Intel® 820 Chipset. The MTH is only used with motherboards utilizing SDRAM and the Intel 820 Chipset. The MTH began shipping in November 1999; therefore systems shipped before that time are unaffected by this issue.

Intel has identified system noise issues with the MTH that can cause some systems to intermittently reset, reboot and/or hang. In addition, the noise issue can, under extreme conditions, potentially cause data corruption. In some instances the company has been able to induce data corruption under synthetic stress testing in its laboratories.

Intel is working with its customers (the computer makers, motherboard makers and distribution channels) to notify computer users of this issue and to offer a replacement motherboard. Computer users that want to know if their system uses an MTH can contact their computer maker for more information, or download a utility from Intel's web site (the Intel® MTH I.D. Utility at

Intel plans to reserve for the cost associated with this replacement program when the cost can be determined. Depending upon the user replacement rate, the amount of this reserve could be material.

Normally the Intel 820 Chipset is used with a different memory - RDRAM. RDRAM-based systems are not impacted since they don't use the memory translator hub.

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