Matrox kondigt de G450 aan

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Net als ATI heeft ook Matrox vandaag een nieuwe 3D chip aangekondigd. De G450 is in principe een G400, alleen dan geproduceerd in het 0.18 micron procédé. Nieuw is wel de ondersteuning voor DDR geheugen. Hier volgt een stuk uit de press-release:

Matrox Graphics Inc. today announced the new 0.18-micron Matrox G450 2D, 3D and DVD graphics chip.

The Matrox G450 AGP 2X/4X chip leverages a die shrink of the 0.25-micron Matrox G400 chip technology to integrate a digital flat panel transmitter, TV-out encoder, second RAMDAC and 64-bit DDR memory interface. By integrating these components directly on the chip, the company has re-architectured its award-winning Matrox G400 graphics technology into a full-featured accelerator that is set to standardise DualHead Display across more markets than ever before. Matrox’s exclusive DualHead Display is a state-of-the-market technology that provides immediate and valuable benefits by allowing users to double their display real estate by pairing two display screens (RGB monitor, flat panel or TV) as many as eight different ways.

Display versatility is further enhanced by the Matrox G450’s Transmission-Minimised Differential Signalling (TMDS) transmitter, which outputs to a DVI-based digital flat panel. Business professionals currently using high-resolution analogue monitors, as well as users who plan to take advantage of increasingly popular digital flat panels, will benefit from the chip’s 256-bit DualBus architecture. This well-balanced architecture powers razor-sharp, crystal-clear 2D graphics, even at taxing resolutions as high as 2048 x 1536, in 32-bit colour on the primary display screen. And with two RAMDACs built directly into the chip, the Matrox G450 ensures a superior-quality analogue output signal—not just to one, but to two displays simultaneously.

"The Matrox G450 offers all of the features—2D, DVI and DualHead Display—that make it an ideal solution for the high-end and mainstream corporate markets," said Dan Wood, vice president of technical marketing, Matrox Graphics Inc. "And because it’s based on Matrox G400 technology, the Matrox G450 also has the 3D, DVD, EMBM and DualHead gaming features that give this chip such multi-market appeal."

As the most highly integrated discrete graphics chip on the market, the Matrox G450 chip builds on the Matrox G400’s 3D, DVD and DualHead Display capabilities to continue providing innovative entertainment solutions. The Matrox G450 supports Microsoft DirectX Environment-Mapped Bump Mapping for stunning visual effects in an ever-growing list of more than two dozen popular games. Equipped with a 3D Rendering Array Processor, this chip also powers a range of 3D gaming features, including stencil buffering, trilinear filtering, alpha-blending, anti-aliased vectors, vertex and table fogging, specular highlights, a 32-bit Z-buffer and more. The Matrox G450 complements 3D performance with pristine-quality video and DVD playback on the PC. In addition to offering the same high quality expected from a hardware DVD player, Matrox has leveraged its DualHead Display technology to further enhance DVD playback. In DualHead DVDMax mode, users can output a DVD stream full-screen to TV while maintaining a fully accessible Windows desktop on the primary display monitor—a feature no other graphics vendor offers.

Matrox is revolutionising the mainstream PC by including features like DualHead Display in the Matrox G450 at no extra cost to the end-user. From gamers to people who enjoy browsing the Web, anyone can "see more and do more" with features like DualHead Multi-Display, Zoom, DVDMax, TV-Out and Clone. These modes allow users to get more out of their favourite software applications by extending a window or application across two screens, or displaying multiple windows side-by-side, for example. This includes the ability to play DualHead Display-enabled games like Microsoftâ Baseball 2000 head-to-head on two separate display screens; the ability to display a Web page on the primary display while streaming video from that page full-screen to the TV; and the ability to reference email messages on one screen while designing a personal greeting card on the other.

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