RoG The Ancient Battle


A long lost wasteland.. Battles of old have been fought in Silicium Valley. I remember there being a guy in the shadows, assassinating his opponents. An ex-commando fallen to it's wilderness and countless dead soldiers fighting wars they don't even understand. But a long forgotten enemy is awakened after years of tears, pleasure and graphic advancement. It's name is "Aging". This beast knows no ground, it devours bits and bytes! No amount of maintenance can defend on such a foe.

THIS is why we need RoG. we NEED to defend ourselves together, as one, to defend our enemy in common. If we don't, this will very much be the end of Gaming as we know it... THIS (link naar huidig systeem) will only gather dust and be left to be alone for eternity...

In andere woorden ik heb een snellere pc nodig omdat Far Cry 3 het moeilijk heeft!

Mocht dat niet helpen, hier heb je mij op een rog.
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