Radeon r5 AMD A8 6410 toshiba laptop upgrade?

Hey friends,

I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop with 8 gigs off ram, AMD quad core A8 6410 with Radeon r5 graphics. Now i realy like league of legends but sadly enough these specs suck for league of legends. I can't even play it on low settings with decent FPS so i was wondering can you upgrade your laptops gpu or motherboard even for better performance. The laptop works fine and is good for media and work purposes so i just don't want to sell it and get a new one it would be way to costy.

Thanks in advance

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Upgrading the GPU on it's own is almost never possible, upgrading motherboard usually also requires upgrading the heatsink / fan (HSF) and is usually very expensive, as it is the most expensive part in a laptop.

A8 6410 is also a very slow CPU. A cheap i5 (let's say i5-2540M) from seven years ago is ~50% faster in multi-core and ~80% faster in single core applications...

Either way it's impossible to tell what is possible if you don't share what exact laptop you have....

Plus you should have posted this in the English-language section of the forum.