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GE63VR 7RF with GTX1070 is more powerful than GTX1080 Max-Q

Most of the users buy top level gaming notebooks such as GT or GE level gaming notebook with the GeForce GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 graphics because of the greater 3D performance and gaming power. But you have to sure that you could squeeze all of the power to drive highest performance as possible, not like others to get an expensive model with high specifications but with lower performance because of the design limitations.

As a lower power version of GPU, GTX1080 Max-Q designed for slimmer gaming notebooks, but accompany with lower heat, that also made the GTX1080 Max-Q with lower performance, even a bit lower than regular GT1070 on GE63VR 7RF Raider, let’s check the GPU-Z clock difference, you could see the GTX1080 Max-Q lack of the Core/Memory clock around 500MHz, so it might be 20%lower than regular GTX1080, let’s find out the result from different type usage of benchmarks!

GE63VR 7RF Raider GeForce GTX1070 Got Highest Performance at Turbo Mode

When I got the GE63VR 7RF Raider on hand, the first thing is test the 3D performance and see if the gaming experience is better than others, especially those with GTX1080 Max-Q design. Cause the GE63/GE73VR models comes with dual Whirlwind Blade fans and 7 heatpipes become Cooler Boost 5, that could make the latest GE63/73 use Turbo Mode to drive highest performance but still keep GPU temperature under 80C, also keep Core i7 7700HQ CPU over 3.5GHz still under 90C.

GE63VR 7RF Raider cooling design

A brand with GTX1080 Max-Q cooling design

Tested the high mobility beast with 3D Mark 11 Performance mode, got P17300 or higher score easily, the program change to 3D Mark Fire Strike, also got high score around 14400, this is really high performance on a notebook with a regular GTX1070.

When we tested other brand’s notebook with GTX1080 Max-Q Design graphics, the 3D Mark 11 got P16600 score, and 3D Mark Fire Strike is 13900 score, so you could see that the other model with GTX1080 Max-Q Design is really lower performance, but much higher of the price.

GE63VR 7RF Raider 3D Mark 11 P Scores

GTX1080 Max-Q Design of 3D Mark 11 P Scores

GE63VR 7RF Raider of 3D Mark Fire Strike Scores

GTX1080 Max-Q Design of 3D Mark Fire Strike Scores

More Programs to See Overall Winning Competitions

Look on “CineBench R15” and latest DirextX12 Benchmark named “SUPERPOSITION Benchmark”, GE63VR 7RF really got high score from CPU to GPU on CineBench R15, OpenGL of 94.54fps, Multi CPU got 744cb score, CPU (Single Core) got 162cb, this is high standard compared to other same spec notebooks. Turn to check the one with GTX1080 Max-Q Design GPU, the OpenGL got 90.23fps, a bit lower than the GE63VR with GTX1070, the CPU score is 721cb. You can easily see that GE63VR 7RF Raider surpass the higher level GTX1080 Max-Q platform easily.

The newer benchmark called “SUPERPOSITION BENCHMARK” designed by Unigine 2, with latest DirectX12 engine that makes this benchmark comes with great lighting effects, show the real-time rendering in a classical lab with anti-gravity machine effects, the benchmark result showed 3692 score, and GPU kept under 74°C.

But when we come back to see the other brand with GTX1080 Max-Q Design, it’s only got 3370 score, it’s 10% less than GE63VR 7RF with GTX1070 on Turbo Mode.

Guess Which GPU Got Higher VR Ready Score for future VR experience?

The GE63VR 7RF Raider was VR Ready indeed, but how good was it to play VR games or VR themes with higher detail in the near future? I checked with 2 latest VR test to see which is more powerful for VR games. The SUPERPOSITION Benchmark got very detail info about the preset and hardware setup, you could see the GE63VR 7RF got 8061 score with GTX1070 graphics.

When theme turn to the notebook with GTX1080 Max-Q graphics, it became lower score of 7620, you could see it’s totally same presets and same CPU combination, only got GPU difference.

GE73VR 7RF Raider not only more powerful, but also much cooler and more features

When play games we always want the notebook stay cool so could keep at highest performance for long time, like no others with poor cooling design, use GE63VR 7RF play PUBG game could still keep CPU under 85°C and GPU under 74°C, but another notebook with GTX1080 Max-Q model just overheat CPU at 97°C, and GPU over 85°C, it’s all 10°C higher than GE63VR 7RF, that could make the CPU and GPU all the way throttling to very low performance!

Lets’ review the performance difference between GE63VR 7RF Raider with GTX1070 graphics and another notebook with GTX1080 Max-Q Design as below table!

More Must-Have Gaming Features on GE63VR 7RF Raider!

Gamers always need a better speaker and better keyboard to play heavy loading games, a great headset DAC is a must not only a plus for the enthusiast users, GE63VR 7RF could fulfill most of the high quality gaming experience demands for every kind of advanced users, Cooler Boost 5 is the best indeed, Giant Speakers with 105dBA volume, Per-Key RGB with SSE3 software, 120Hz/3ms display and 94%NTSC vivid colors for gamers, even only same weight as our comparison model.

GE63VR is the best gaming notebook to beat higher level notebooks, not like others only installed 7700HQ and GTX1080 Max-Q so called gaming notebook!